Thankful (Poem)

My sisters gone

She’s gone for good

She’d pass some day

I knew she would not

Not right now

Not so soon

Shes lying there

Right under the moon

How could this happen

How could this be

I don’t like this at all

Why did this happen to me

I really loved her

Through all the years

Now i’m sitting here

Drowning in my tears

Memories keep her in my heart

And all the things we’ve done

When ever we played a game

She beat me, shed say “I won”

I see her on the on the floor now

But my visions weird and hazy

Now I see nothing but blackness

I must be going crazy

I hear these words:

Get up its time for school

Man, it was just a dream!

I feel like such a fool

Thankful now for everything

I sit up in my bed

It’s all right it’s okay

My sister is not dead


(Response to Literature) By Sarah Jauregui

Have you ever felt alone? Well in the Little Prince, a little boy lived by himself on a planet the size of a house with a rose. Then he came down to earth to find soil for his flower and a friend. Then he finds a boy whose plane crashed in the Sahara Desert. Then the prince tells how he met all the like the business man and the drinker on different planets, before coming to earth and meeting the fox who told him the meaning of life. Then when little prince wanted to go back home he had a snake bite him, because that was the only way to return home. Then the little boy the prince meets fixed his engine and returned home safely. I believe the theme of this story is stay true to yourself when you need a friend.

I believe the characters contribute to the message, “when you need a friend, stay true to yourself,” for a couple of reasons. The first reason is I think this, is because the little prince was being himself around the little boy. The way he did this was by not being afraid to ask questions, and found himself a friend. Also the little boy was being himself with the prince. The way he did this was by admitting things, and got the prince as a friend. The things he would usually admit were mostly his own thoughts, like how said thorns were useless. The last person or thing was the rose. She was herself around the prince and found a friend in the prince.

The symbols aren’t as strong as the characters in showing the theme, when you need a friend stay true to yourself, but still contribute. One of the symbols help support my theme is the flower, who is a symbol of weakness. The reason she was a symbol of weakness is that she kind of was the reason the prince came down to earth. Coming down to earth was something he kind of gave into for his flower. Another symbol is the drunken man. The reason I believe this is because the prince could have not been himself like the drunken man. The last symbol was the busy man. The reason he was a symbol was because the little boy could have told the prince he was busy, but gave his time to him.

The last thing that contributes to my theme is the setting. The setting was the strongest support. I think this because if the little prince wasn’t alone on his planet he wouldn’t have needed nor wanted a friend. I also think the setting contributes to my theme is because if the little boys plane didn’t crash in the desert they would have never met. If the prince never went to the other planets, he would have never seen the people who weren’t themselves. So by staying yourself, it can help you a lot. Just like the flower did when she said she didn’t need the globe around her.

In conclusion I believe staying true to yourself when you need a friend could help you in life. The reason I think that is because if you’re not yourself these people will never see the real you. Even if the person is cool it’s not worth the trouble your going through to be friends with someone you hardly know. Since the prince was nice as the boy he found a friend. Just like the prince anyone can find a friend if yourself.


This stinks. This stinks is all I ever thought about as I started my very last year of preschool. I was always the youngest in my family, and i didn’t like it at all. When my sister and my cousin would talk about school, I would always sit there with a confused look on y face wondering if they were crazy. They didn’t pay pay attention to me when I would talk about painting and playing with my friends at school. I really didn’t know much about school work. I could barely add three and seven and I didn’t know what a sentence was. I felt like I was alone. No one to play with, just me. Being the youngest of four kids, obviously I was pushed around. The only person who would push me around was my cousin Joey. I didn’t like it. I tried standing up for myself, but at five no one would take me seriously. To my cousin I was a pest, even though h would be the one bugging me. Every time I would try to play with my sister, Joey would would literally push me. One day I tried to push him back, but it did not go the way I planned. When I pushed him he came back at me and made me fall to the ground and start crying. I would always ask my sister if she could tell Joey to stop being mean to me,but she didn’t. All she did was watched me get pushed.
The only person I thought who liked me was my older cousin Mickey. He was not mean to me, even though he is seven ears older than me. As the years went by, Joey got nicer, and now he treats me how I wished he would have treated me when I was little,like a cousin.

Since I am not as good of a soccer player as my sister and cousin, i had to be goalie. The only reason I would agree was because I stank at soccer, and I would only be blocking the goal half the time. The other half was spent trying to kill me with a ball.
Now I can play outside with out being pushed or called names. I still do not know the reason why Joey was so mean to me. I always ask him but i get the same old answer “I don’t remember” or “When we were little?” I’m always going to get annoyed when he says that but at least now he is nice to me. Nowadays I still can not believe he is actually the one asking me to come over and play with me on the playstation. Although we have our ups and downs, he is still my cousin.

Everyday Heros: Hiram

My everyday hero is my father, Hiram. Hiram was born on June 29th,1979. At the time he had a brother who was five years older than him. Five years liter Hiram and his older brother, Miguel , were blessed with a little brother, Armando. His parents are Castino and Raquel. Hiram had a normal childhood, he never drank while underage,took drugs,or smoked. In 2007, my father married Annette, my step-mother. My dad has three kids , Max who’s one, me who’s 11 and my older sister Elenna who’s thirteen. Now I know what your thinking “This guy sounds normal he’s not a hero” Well I guess you’re just going to have to keep reading.

When my father was 18 he met  my mother, Claudia and had my sister,Elenna. Two years later they had me, but later sometime own the road they got a divorce. My fathers difficulty was being a young parent. It was hard for my dad to finish collage while working at the same time. It was also  hard for  my dad because he did all the things a mom would do. For example he would cook clean and do our hair. Later in 2007 he married my step mom Annette who helped him out a lot. He got his bachelor’s degree and soon life got much easier.

Being a young parent you can’t really do any thing about that,but working while going to school to is a problem you can fix. My father had to figure out a schedule that worked for him. He went back to school because he felt lik he didn’t have a good enough education.Soon he was on stage wearing a cap and gown shaking a hand. Figuring out what worked for him got him a great job and family.

My fathers greatest achievement was standing on stage wearing a cap and gown, getting his bachelors degree. Yup that’s right Hiram earned his bachelors degree by figuring out a schedule that worked for him. My father is an example of dedication because people usually say “I don’t have time.”  Well my father made the time and never gave up.

Narritive: Dr. Gals Evil Scheme

Justin and Briana were two teenagers who lived life to its fullest. They would hike in the woods, bike on the rocky mountains,  and    rock climb. They lived in a city called Letterzine. It always smelled like flowers and sometimes garbage. The city was full of good people and seven villains. Justin and Briana weren’t afraid, so everyday the would do something exciting, while other people hid under their beds afraid of everything.

One day Justin and Briana were in the woods , but they had a secret they only kept between them.They were superheroes. Justin wasn’t the type would wear tights with underwear over them, he’d wear a disguise by wearing a suit and sunglasses so he’d look like a normal by passer. Briana’s was just a sundress to match  her other clothes. About once a week they would fight their enemies, and once a week they’d get a way. Until today.

About an hour later, they heard a  grumbling  noise. Obviously it was Dr. Gal, the most evil person has ever seen. Thy both knew  it was him because he would always dig underground with his contraption called the Jag. When  Dr. Gal came out of the ground they saw his ugly yellow teeth that looked like a crayon box. “Dr. Gal, surprised to see you for the millionth time.”

“I think it’s the million and 1th time Justin,” said Dr.Gal

“What’s that?” Justin pointed to  big green bottle net to Dr.Gal.

” Oh do you like it ,its my latest evil scheme.It’ll turn everyone in the world into my minion.” he laughed evilly.

“We can’t let you  do this,” cried Justin. Then Dr. Gal pushed Justin ,and took Brianna into the Jag.

“Oh yes you will,” said Dr. Gal. “Once I turn your precious Briana into my minion, you’ll do anything to get her back ”

“So,” said Justin.

“So,” Dr.Gal said “If you come close to her , I’ll kill her. See my plan is simple, I’m going to let her go into the city to give the people bottles to go around spraying the world.”

Then Justin said ” You make me sick, how can you sleep and night?”

“Oh I just close my eyes.” Remarked Dr. Gal. Then he sprayed Briana and took her away.

Justin thought of a plan. He was going to buy 1oo gallons of perfume to replace with Dr. Gal’s evil gas. So he followed Dr. Gal’s Jag and found his evil underground lair, took all the bottles , and replaced them. Then as soon as he was done Dr. gal walked in to find Justin in his lair.”Justin ,is that you ?” Dr. Gal asked.Then Justin sprayed himself with the perfume and acted like he was a minion . Then as soon as Justin walked near Dr.Gal, he socked him. Dr.Gal wasn’t surpised by Justin’s hit because he saw Justin with security cameras replacing the bottles. Justin’s hard blow did knock Dr. Gal out so Justin took him to jail, and put Dr. Gal in a steel room where he couldn’t get out. After that Justin came back for Briana and found her tide up on a  chair.  Justin apologized to for keeping waiting like this, and pomised that it would never happen again. But Dr. Gal sit there waiting for 6 friends to get him out.

9-11 A Terrifying Day

Terrorist, planes, deaths and suicide. People didn’t know they were in danger, they just were. The cities didn’t know their buildings were in danger, they just were. Lives lost, people injured, buildings on the floor. Everything was out of place this September 9th when terrorist attacked three different places in the U.S. This painful memory remains in the minds of Americans everywhere.

The Tragedy of Injury and Death

When terrorist attacked three parts of the United States, they hit Virginia, Shakesville, Pennsylvania, and New York, New York. (Cynthia Kirkeby) There were injuries and deaths. About six thousand (Franklin, Josiah) people were injured and were badly hurt, and about three thousand innocent lives ended on this fearful day. So many Families were devastated because they lost family members by these hijacked planes.

The Planners

About twenty- four people were involved in planning this attack (Cynthia Kirkby), but only nine-teen people participated (Cynthia Kirkby). One of the leaders of the New York attack and crash was Mohammad Atta(Cynthia Kirkby). A lot of people think these people crashed the planes and committed suicide was for religious reasons. All the people who were involved in this attack got what they wanted; they took the breath of thousands including themselves.

The Buildings

On this 2001 morning, the Twin Towers of the world trade center fell within two hours and were hit from the 180th to the 184th floor (An interesting day) but they weren’t the only buildings that came crashing down; two other places were also in danger. There was the Pentagon in Virginia which came down that same day  (Cynthia Kirkby) .There was also a field in Pennsylvania that was destroyed. These places were not aware that harm was coming to them. There are still debates about President George W. Bush was behind this attack, but we will never know for sure, unless it comes out of his mouth.


I’m not so sure what happened with the field. The Pentagon was easily rebuilt in no time. Instead of the Twin Towers, they are making a new tower called The Freedom Tower( This will be in the place of the badly damaged towers in New York. This tower will be the tallest tower in North America, and should be finished in two thousand and twelve(

In the End

I learned more and more about this frightful day. The first thing I learned is that the twin towers weren’t the only buildings that got crashed. The second thing I learned is that twenty four people were involved in this attack. What surprised me a lot about this event, is that nine – teen people participate because at first I thought two participated. The big question I still haven’t gotten answered is why the terrorist aimed for the buildings they did? We will never really know because we can’t get inside the terrorist head, and there dead so we will never really know. Another thing I still wonder is why did the terrorist attack us? I’m just wondering if they were mad at the U.S. It’s just like I said before, we will never know.

Hey, Welcome To My Brand New Blog!

Welcome to my  world of blogging.On this blog I will be talking about current events , interesting facts,and  about my life. Oh, by the way my name Sarah. I love to ice skate(not figure skate,just simply)  and I love Christmas. I also  love to blog about my current events just to let people know what is going on in my life.If you would like me to post something or just have a question about me please leave a comment!